28 May 20 This box updated for the first time in 5 years.
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To play Crawl on this server, either visit WebTiles, or SSH to The username and password are both joshua; if you catch the reference, give yourself a cookie. If you prefer to connect via SSH key, click here to get the RSA key. Or, if you are running PuTTY, click here to get the key in a format PuTTY can use natively! If all of that is gibberish to you, read this. If it's gibberish to you and you're not interested in playing online, you can download a copy for Windows, OS X, or GNU/Linux.

This server is currently running Crawl Stone Soup 0.27 and takes version updates with elegant quickness, although this front page does not always announce them with such. :) You also play the development versions as well, if you prefer the latest and greatest. Because the 0.4 release changed the scoring system pretty fundamentally, scores prior to that release are archived here. Hopefully the scoring system will not change again.

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We hang out in #crawl on, come join us! The server administrator's nick is rax; advil, gammafunk, |amethyst, and johnstein also help out from time to time.