7 Mar 15 Another tournament is starting soon! And we noticed we don't update this website very much. Don't worry, we do update the game. :)
24 Sep 13 CAO now has the 0.13 prerelease. Help us test it and report any bugs you find.
21 Apr 13 CAO now has the 0.12 prerelease. Help us test it and report any bugs you find.
09 Oct 12 CAO is back, with WebTiles and many other improvements.
17 Oct 11 Downtime tonight in order to increase available hard drive space.
12 Aug 11 Just in time for the tourney, 0.9 is installed!
09 Aug 11 The August 2011 tournament starts in just a few days!
03 May 11 CAO has been running 0.8 for some time now, but our news update hamster is just catching up now.
26 Mar 11 CAO is now running Crawl development builds in addition to stable versions. Many thanks to greensnark, who is wondrous and good, and to Napkin, who provided CDO's code.
23 Mar 11 CAO is now running the latest version of dgamelaunch. Please report any problems you run into to greensnark.
24 Jul 10 0.7.0 is out! 0.7 Crawl and Sprint are both available on the server now.
12 Jul 10 We've had to remove 0.5 from cao because of a Crawl bug that causes processes to not go down and spin endlessly pegging CPU when a network connection drops. Please switch to playing 0.6
26 Jun 10 We're back up, but games saved when the server went down may be corrupted. Please drop into ##crawl on freenode IRC and let us know if you have trouble loading your saves, or email greensnark with your CAO username and the exact error message.
26 Jun 10 We've run into technical difficulties and the Crawl server is temporarily offline. The problem should be sorted out in a couple of hours, sorry for the inconvenience.
13 Jun 10 0.6.1 is now available on the server.
30 Apr 10 0.5 is back up to let players complete existing games. Please switch to 0.6 for new games.
30 Apr 10 0.5 is no longer available on the server on account of the memory leak bug. 0.6 does not seem to have this bug; please switch to playing 0.6.
27 Apr 10 With help from Napkin from CDO, I've implemented something that should stop the memory leak bug from bringing the server to its knees. Look for a disk upgrade sometime in the next month.
26 Mar 10 0.6.0 is up on the server. Some Henzell commands are not up-to-date on 0.6.0 yet, but they will get there Real Soon Now.
25 Jan 10 We've been running into occasional out of memory errors where it looks like RAM is free but swap isn't. I'm not sure if this is a crawl memory leak or something more Linuxy, but I gigantified the swap to see if that would fix it. Sorry for the brief downtime, hopefully it will improve overall availability.
13 Oct 09 Upgraded to 0.5.2. Thank you for your patience!
09 Oct 09 The scoring system has been back, but I forgot to post here. Oops! Also, 0.5.2 is out, but it may take me a few days to install it; the Dev Team's version control system changed and my infrastructure has not caught up yet. Sorry, I'm thesing. Hopefully this weekend...
19 Sep 09 The scoring system rebuild is taking longer than we had hoped. I'm going to try to get the old system patched up for now. Also, Crawl poll results are now available.
2 Sep 09 The tourney is finally over! Read the detailed writeup here! Also there are some scoring page issues, they should be resolved shortly.
21 Aug 09 The DevTeam would love it if you emailed them answers to this poll.
2 Aug 09 Apparently while I was asleep last night a bug manifested that prevented players from dying. We're still figuring out how to handle it, but legitimate games will be counted and non-legitimate games will not. We may have to watch ttyrecs, but because we record them, all data is there. Again, I apologize for the problems we've been having; Murphy's Law opens me like a pillowcase.
1 Aug 09 A brief interruption in service caused by a fix to the Corruption bug that didn't prevent 78291's miraculous first win. Because of the problems upgrades have been causing us, we will not be taking any more patches during the tournament unless something is urgent, and we will announce it first if we do. Thank you for your patience.
30 Jul 09 All errors related to the 0.5.1 upgrade process have been fixed. Thank you for your patience, and special thank you to Darshan.
29 Jul 09 0.5.1 has been installed on CAO and is the official version for all tournament play.
28 Jul 09 The tournament is almost upon us! Read about the awards you can win behind this link.
16 Jun 09 You can now follow CAO as @crawlakrasiac on Twitter, if you are so inclined.
13 Jun 09 0.5 is released! It is playable on CAO and the scoring scripts and IRC bot are up and running. Please report any problems to rax in ##crawl or via email.
08 Jun 09 Discovered that Game Informer had an article about Crawl and linked here. Welcome! Enjoy!
08 Jun 09 There will be another tournament in August. Stay tuned for details.
28 May 09 Everything should be back up and running as of this morning. Please find me if you notice other problems.
27 May 09 Had a bizarre segfault. On restart, Henzell, mysql, and scoring scripts were all freaking out and grinding to a halt. They're not running right now.
26 Apr 09 There will be downtime Mon 27 Apr at 6:30 AM EDT in order to deal with the disk aftermath. The server will remain up but the game will not be playable while I munge partitions.
12 Apr 09 I apologize for the recent CAO downtime. Ever lose a disk while you were upgrading the other disk in a RAID pair? Now I have! Read more here.
10 Apr 09 0.1 version of Zot Defense now playable. Let me know how it goes!
10 Apr 094.1 play has been removed, as there were only 5 games in all of 2009. Watch its space --- something new is coming soon. :)
25 Mar 09Scoring page weren't being updated due to a bug in the CAO software. I've fixed this bug (we hadn't planned on anyone being killed by Beogh smiting, oops).
17 Mar 09Outage successful, the CAO virtual machine now has a gigabyte of memory and 300GB of disk space. Try to fill that with ttyrecs.
16 Mar 09There will be a brief outage Tuesday 17 Mar at 6:45 EDT because ext2resize doesn't work on a mounted filesystem.
11 Mar 09There will be downtime Sunday 15 Mar sometime in the morning or early afternoon for the Eastern US. The server that houses CAO will be doubling its RAM and disk space. There may be a secondary outage to put in the second disk in the RAID; watch this space.
15 Jan 090.4.5 is now running on CAO. It should be released by the time you read this.
02 Jan 09Happy New Year! As the 0.4.4 release introduces new bugs, we've ported the bugfixes up from 0.4.4 into 0.4.3+ on the server. If we missed any, let Rachel know.
01 Sep 08The tournament is over! Won by Stabwound and clan Cabal, you can read all about it here!
07 Aug 080.4.3+, fixing a number of bugs, has been installed for the tournament before any DevTeam release.
31 Jul 08Version 0.4.3 has been installed.
29 Jul 08Version 0.4.2 has been installed.
28 Jul 08CAO now has 512MB more RAM and 25GB more disk space. Hooray for Xen!
26 Jul 08CAO will go down on 28 Jul 08 at 7 AM EDT for an increase in RAM and disk size to accomodate the increased playerbase and upcoming tournament. Thank you for your patience!
26 Jul 08The tournament has been officially announced!
19 Jul 08With tremendous thanks to Darshan (as I'm off at ReaderCon), the scoring pages are now updated for 0.4; see below.
18 Jul 08Took some additional bugfix patches.
17 Jul 08Crawl 0.4.1 is out, and fixes some serious bugs. The IRC bot is updated, but not scoring pages yet.
14 Jul 08Crawl 0.4 is out!! 0.4 is now installed on CAO; scoring will take a week or so to catch up, your patience is appreciated.
14 Jul 08meneril beat Crawl Alpha 4.1 over on CDO. Incredible!
16 May 08CAO was vulnerable to the Debian OpenSSL vulnerability. The RSA key fingerprint is now 6f:a3:52:4f:f3:8e:b9:93:a3:5d:1f:f6:0b:8e:72:f4. Also, the user SSH key has been updated. Thanks for your patience.
29 Apr 080.2.7 has been removed from the server, and illegal combinations have been removed from the logfile.
08 Apr 08RAM upgrade! Not sure if it will change much, but when was the last time you looked at a computer and said "You know what that machine needs? Less RAM" ?
20 Feb 08New rune statistics!
30 Jan 080.3.4 is now installed.
02 Jan 08You can no longer play illegal race/class combinations.
19 Dec 07Happy Non-Denominational Holiday! A new game has been installed.
02 Dec 070.3.3 is now installed.
13 Nov 07Playable 4.1 Alpha is available, please follow link for caveats.
10 Nov 070.3.2 is now installed.
03 Nov 070.3.1 is now installed. All scoring should be up to date.
31 Oct 070.3 is now released and running on CAO. Henzell and the scoring scripts will be updated soon.
29 Sep 07You can now edit both config and macro files with ee or virus. Happy Autumn!
29 Sep 07Napkin has set up a 0.3 beta server at crawl.develz.org. Check it out!
25 Sep 07Stabwound's streak ended at six wins.
21 Sep 07Player Stabwound is on a streak of four victories in a row!
24 Jul 07Scoring pages are all fixed.
13 Jun 07Now running on the newer, better server, a virtual machine on a Sun X2100. The server is colocated and dedicated to Crawl, so the network and performance should be better. Thank you all for your patience with this upgrade!
13 Jun 07The annoying bug is now totally fixed, for reals, <3 Darshan!
13 Jun 07Version upgraded to 0.2.7.
13 May 07Version upgraded to 0.2.5.
7 May 07Sadly it appears that I spoke too soon about the disconnect bug. If you are able to reliably replicate it, please let me know, because I can't.
22 Apr 07The scoring pages are now updated to contain 0.2.* games as well as 0.1.7 games. Rejoice!
20 Apr 07The issues page has been updated. The annoying "no logging back in on disconnect" bug has been fixed!
8 Apr 07Stone Soup 0.2.4 is now installed, and Henzell, the IRC bot, is at least 90% working.
6 Apr 07Stone Soup 0.2.2 and 0.1.7 are now simultaneously playable. The website and the IRC bot will be updated over the next couple of days.
17 Mar 07Atomjack won in 21070 turns!!! : DESu.
09 Mar 07Stabwound has three consecutive wins!!! : MuNe, SpEn, OMIE.
23 Feb 07You can now see your (and other peoples') rc files!
15 Jan 07The Ghost Killers page has been updated to show who ghosts have killed.
08 Jan 07Sending mail through dgamelaunch now works!
31 Dec 06Upgraded server version to 0.1.7!
30 Dec 06new web layout, feel free to beat Eidolos up
28 Dec 06congratulations to Darshan for scoring the first on-server victory!