Clan: DIAF - benloran (captain), EvilEagle, Exercu, Locus, entr0py
Tourney points total 592
Games won / played 0 / 58 (0.00%)

Ongoing Games

benloran the Eclecticist (L16 DSWz of Makhleb) entered a Bazaar. (Bazaar, turn 69026, dur 07:05:56)
Locus the Executioner (L21 MDBe of Trog) escaped from the Abyss! (Abyss, turn 67794, dur 08:24:59)


No games

Recent Games

66982entr0pySprigganVenom MageVehumetEclecticistOrc:4blasted by an orc priest (divine providence)143767304:47:452011-05-05 19:18:56
350ExercuMountain DwarfFighterCoveredD:4blasted by Exercu's ghost (zap)5253900:06:552011-05-05 17:44:40
44ExercuDemonspawnIce ElementalistChillerD:1slain by a kobold (a +0,+1 orcish club)116200:00:432011-05-05 17:35:21
36ExercuDemonspawnIce ElementalistChillerD:1slain by a giant cockroach111100:00:422011-05-05 17:34:34
411ExercuKenkuAir ElementalistGustyD:4blasted by Grinder (nerve-wracking pain)5351700:10:272011-05-05 17:27:49
48ExercuKenkuAir ElementalistGustyD:1slain by a kobold (a +0,+1 short sword of protection)120000:00:412011-05-05 17:15:34
43ExercuKenkuAir ElementalistGustyD:1slain by a hobgoblin (a -1,+0 orcish club)230200:01:262011-05-05 17:14:50
70ExercuKenkuAir ElementalistGustyD:2slain by a jackal3134800:03:312011-05-05 17:13:17
34ExercuSludge ElfNecromancerGrave RobberD:1slain by a goblin (a +0,+0 dagger)14400:00:222011-05-05 17:09:31
34ExercuDeep ElfNecromancerGrave RobberD:1slain by an ooze232800:01:172011-05-05 17:08:31
42ExercuDeep ElfNecromancerGrave RobberD:1killed by triggering a dart trap118800:00:582011-05-05 17:07:10
64ExercuDeep ElfNecromancerGrave RobberD:1slain by a giant gecko247700:02:192011-05-05 08:01:30
79ExercuDeep ElfNecromancerGrave RobberD:2slain by Sigmund (a +0,+0 scythe)3105700:04:132011-05-05 07:29:12
41ExercuDeep ElfNecromancerGrave RobberD:2blasted by Ijyb (wand of flame)113600:00:342011-05-05 07:24:55
375benloranHigh ElfIce ElementalistMagicianD:4mangled by Grinder6542200:20:482011-05-05 01:09:01
166benloranHigh ElfIce ElementalistChillerD:1splashed by acid3406000:09:332011-05-05 00:40:51
32benloranHigh ElfIce ElementalistChillerD:1hit from afar by a kobold (dart of flame)188400:01:582011-05-05 00:31:00
3548benloranMummyWizardSif MunaMagicianD:8slain by an orc warrior (a +0,+2 orcish scimitar of holy wrath)91502101:07:282011-05-04 23:23:42
537benloranMummyWizardRuinousD:6killed by triggering a spear trap6744700:27:052011-05-04 19:15:50
35benloranMummyWizardMagicianD:1slain by a giant gecko146600:01:412011-05-04 18:48:31

Score Breakdown

Player Points
Locus 267
benloran 143
entr0py 55
Exercu 52
EvilEagle 5
Source Points
combo_scores_Nth:3 50
unique_kills_Nth:3 20
Grand Total 592
Last updated 2011-05-05 22:42:36 UTC.