Player information for rslezak

Tourney points total 120
Tourney team points 20
Games won / played 0 / 74 (0.00%)


No games

Best Games

114773TrollBerserkerTrogGrapplerD:12mangled by a slime creature11107750:38:392012-11-02 22:39:12
29967TrollBerserkerTrogGrapplerD:11mangled by an orc warrior (a +0,+1 orcish war axe)11111520:35:352012-10-30 01:29:36
35894TrollBerserkerTrogGrapplerD:9slain by Grum (a +1,+0 spear)1077230:28:292012-10-27 19:19:29
44464TrollBerserkerTrogGrapplerOrc:3mangled by an ettin (a +0,+0 great mace)998150:48:322012-10-26 20:25:02
54050TrollBerserkerTrogGrapplerOrc:3mangled by an orc warrior (a +1,+0 orcish halberd)967340:29:522012-10-25 23:49:18
63000TrollBerserkerTrogRuffianD:11slain by a war dog967130:37:042012-10-24 22:14:32
72254TrollBerserkerTrogDuckerD:6slain by a gnoll (a cursed -3,-1 spear)842020:18:222012-10-30 15:28:59
82174TrollBerserkerTrogRuffianD:6slain by an orc (a +1,+1 orcish flail of protection)840760:13:522012-11-03 18:32:28
91143TrollBerserkerTrogRuffianD:6mangled by a troll zombie745980:12:432012-11-01 22:39:25
101107CentaurHunterArcherD:5slain by Prince Ribbit742170:32:192012-10-22 23:47:55

Recent Games

89TrollBerserkerTrogRuffianD:2mangled by a gnoll (a +0,+0 halberd)37750:02:072012-11-04 21:40:12
514TrollBerserkerTrogRuffianD:4mangled by Crazy Yiuf (a +2,+2 quarterstaff of chaos)624540:08:222012-11-04 21:37:44
2174TrollBerserkerTrogRuffianD:6slain by an orc (a +1,+1 orcish flail of protection)840760:13:522012-11-03 18:32:28
429TenguFighterCoveredD:4blasted by an orc priest (divine providence)528790:06:012012-11-03 18:17:59
106TenguAir ElementalistGustyD:2blasted by Crazy Yiuf (wand of magic darts)313470:06:502012-11-03 18:11:04
90TenguAir ElementalistGustyD:3slain by an adder319230:08:312012-11-02 23:35:00
84TenguDeath KnightYredelemnulExhumerD:2slain by a giant newt210050:05:012012-11-02 23:25:46
25TenguDeath KnightYredelemnulExhumerD:1hit from afar by a kobold (dart)12060:00:482012-11-02 23:15:33
20TenguDeath KnightYredelemnulExhumerD:1slain by a kobold (a +2,+1 whip of electrocution)1400:00:072012-11-02 23:14:28

Uniques Slain Blork, Crazy Yiuf, Dowan, Duvessa, Edmund, Erolcha, Eustachio, Gastronok, Grinder, Grum, Ijyb, Jessica, Josephine, Maurice, Menkaure, Pikel, Prince Ribbit, Psyche, Sigmund, Terence

Score Breakdown

Player points

N Points Source
20 100 unique
4 20 branch:enter
24 120 Total

Team points

N Points Source
10 20 ghost
10 20 Total


Permanent points
Provisional points
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