Player information for nfogravity

Clan: None
Tourney points total 1103
Tourney team points 82
Games won / played 1 / 251 (0.40%)


1405611MinotaurBerserkerTrogAxe Maniac27946033:51:0832012-10-20 04:09:42

Best Games

11405611MinotaurBerserkerTrogAxe Maniacescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!27946033:51:0832012-10-20 04:09:42
2379452TenguDeath KnightYredelemnulNecromancerHellslain by a reaper (a +4,+2 scythe of slicing)23714224:30:5732012-10-29 20:07:50
3341177TenguDeath KnightYredelemnulDestroyerVaults:8hit from afar by a stone giant (large rock)22861184:40:1022012-11-03 19:47:36
4274413TenguDeath KnightYredelemnulInfuserD:26mangled by a storm dragon20706014:15:4012012-10-31 05:58:32
588513TenguDeath KnightYredelemnulAeratorD:16blasted by a spriggan air mage (bolt of lightning)15353251:54:392012-10-26 00:53:33
653115TenguDeath KnightYredelemnulImpalerD:14blasted by Azrael (blast of hellfire)14302111:56:422012-10-27 16:15:30
749352TenguDeath KnightYredelemnulSpear-BearerOrc:4blasted by an orc priest (divine providence)14268971:30:362012-10-31 21:58:46
832166TenguDeath KnightYredelemnulSpear-BearerLair:8slain by a fire drake13244251:13:562012-10-28 18:31:16
931451TenguDeath KnightYredelemnulSpear-BearerAbyssmangled by a spiny worm zombie13300351:56:472012-10-24 18:07:07
1024689TenguDeath KnightYredelemnulSpear-BearerLair:3slain by a four-headed hydra12192180:56:492012-10-29 02:10:46

Winning Gods:


We say that a game is won using a (non-Xom) god if the player reaches ****** piety with that god without worshipping any other god first; this is not necessarily the same god worshipped at the end of the game. A game is won using Xom only if it is a Chaos Knight who never abandons Xom. A game is won using 'No God' only if the player never worships a god.

Remaining Gods:

Ashenzari, Beogh, Cheibriados, Elyvilon, Fedhas, Jiyva, Kikubaaqudgha, Lugonu, Makhleb, Nemelex Xobeh, No God, Okawaru, Sif Muna, Vehumet, Xom, Yredelemnul, Zin, the Shining One

Recent Games

85TenguDeath KnightYredelemnulPokerD:2slain by Sigmund (a +0,+3 scythe of venom)311390:03:102012-11-04 02:18:15
341177TenguDeath KnightYredelemnulDestroyerVaults:8hit from afar by a stone giant (large rock)22861184:40:1022012-11-03 19:47:36
179TenguDeath KnightYredelemnulPokerD:2mangled by Sigmund (a +0,+0 scythe)313050:04:022012-11-03 15:02:19
297TenguDeath KnightYredelemnulPokerD:3blasted by an orc priest (divine providence)425590:04:242012-11-03 14:56:49
346TenguDeath KnightYredelemnulPokerD:4slain by an orc priest (a +0,+3 orcish hammer of crushing)642860:07:402012-11-03 14:52:15
227TenguDeath KnightYredelemnulPokerD:2slain by Terence (a +0,+2 short sword of speed)420810:04:492012-11-03 14:44:30
171TenguDeath KnightYredelemnulPokerD:3slain by an orc wizard (a +1,+1 orcish dagger)420590:04:122012-11-03 14:39:26
117TenguDeath KnightYredelemnulPokerD:2blasted by Sigmund (magic dart)421510:03:232012-11-03 14:32:48
215TenguDeath KnightYredelemnulPokerD:4slain by a slave (led by Pikel)430980:05:372012-11-03 14:29:21

Uniques Slain Agnes, Aizul, Arachne, Azrael, Blork, Boris, Crazy Yiuf, Donald, Dowan, Duvessa, Edmund, Erica, Erolcha, Eustachio, Fannar, Frances, Frederick, Gastronok, Geryon, Grinder, Grum, Harold, Ijyb, Ilsuiw, Jessica, Joseph, Josephine, Kirke, Louise, Mara, Margery, Maud, Maurice, Menkaure, Mennas, Murray, Nergalle, Nessos, Nikola, Norris, Pikel, Prince Ribbit, Psyche, Purgy, Roxanne, Rupert, Saint Roka, Sigmund, Snorg, Sonja, Terence, Urug, Wiglaf, Xtahua
Uniques Left Antaeus, Asmodeus, Cerebov, Dispater, Dissolution, Ereshkigal, Gloorx Vloq, Ignacio, Jory, Khufu, Lom Lobon, Mnoleg, Polyphemus, Tiamat, the Enchantress, the Lernaean hydra, the Serpent of Hell, the royal jelly

Score Breakdown

Player points

N Points Source
54 270 unique
20 100 branch:enter
1 100 my_1st_win
1 100 nth_win:2
1 90 my_low_realtime_win
1 52 my_low_turncount_win
1 48 species_win:Mi
9 45 branch:end
2 45 rune:decaying
2 45 rune:gossamer
2 45 rune:serpentine
2 45 rune:silver
1 30 rune:barnacled
1 29 god_win:trog
1 28 class_win:Be
2 20 champion
1 11 my_highscore_win
102 1103 Total

Category Breakdown

N Points Source
54 270 unique
9 210 rune
29 145 branch
1 100 my_1st_win
1 100 nth_win
1 90 my_low_realtime_win
1 52 my_low_turncount_win
1 48 species_win
1 29 god_win
1 28 class_win
2 20 champion
1 11 my_highscore_win
102 1103 Total

Team points

N Points Source
41 82 ghost
41 82 Total


Permanent points
Provisional points
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