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Tourney points total 817
Tourney team points 26
Games won / played 1 / 38 (2.63%)

Ongoing Games

3:36:19 ago: VanVeen the Fighter (L11 NaFi of Okawaru) entered the Lair of Beasts. (Lair:1, turn 11506, dur 0:41:20, tcdo)


1412971MinotaurBerserkerTrogConqueror271093848:31:1932012-02-27 10:39:33

Best Games

11412971MinotaurBerserkerTrogConquerorescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!271093848:31:1932012-02-27 10:39:33
2340425TenguConjurerAshenzariAeratorVault:8mangled by an ettin (a +0,+0 great mace)221122829:35:0822012-03-05 04:30:16
3182162TrollMonkOkawaruBrawlerSnake:2slain by a naga warrior (a +0,+0 spear)17463373:41:562012-03-09 23:26:54
467112DemigodTransmuterThaumaturgeD:16blasted by a dragon (blast of flame)14399083:09:052012-03-07 05:55:54
517575MerfolkGladiatorOkawaruSpear-BearerLair:3succumbed to poison (a potion of strong poison)12218981:31:212012-02-29 06:21:22
610679MinotaurFighterThe Shining OneSpear-BearerLair:3blasted by Erica (wand of lightning)11114050:50:212012-02-25 19:52:32
75419MummyConjurerSif MunaThaumaturgeD:9blasted by Erolcha (wand of fire)10149121:16:002012-02-28 08:59:30
83617VampireConjurerMakhlebMagicianD:8blasted by Gastronok (the air)9110700:58:082012-03-01 10:20:36
91793GhoulMonkKikubaaqudghaRuffianD:7slain by Menkaure871170:30:262012-03-06 04:21:55
101767DemigodTransmuterInseiD:6succumbed to a kobold's poison853990:27:122012-03-11 09:43:43

Winning Gods:


We say that a game is won using a (non-Xom) god if the player reaches ****** piety with that god without worshipping any other god first; this is not necessarily the same god worshipped at the end of the game. A game is won using Xom only if it is a Chaos Knight who never abandons Xom. A game is won using 'No God' only if the player never worships a god.

Remaining Gods:

Ashenzari, Beogh, Cheibriados, Elyvilon, Fedhas, Jiyva, Kikubaaqudgha, Lugonu, Makhleb, Nemelex Xobeh, No God, Okawaru, Sif Muna, The Shining One, Vehumet, Xom, Yredelemnul, Zin

Recent Games

413NagaSkaldCharmwrightD:4slain by sydd's ghost628560:10:462012-03-11 21:20:19
828MummySummonerMagicianD:5slain by a gnoll680150:23:102012-03-11 11:25:24
445MummyIce ElementalistMagicianD:5slain by an ogre (a +0,+0 giant spiked club)554620:15:192012-03-11 10:55:36
182MummyIce ElementalistChillerD:2slain by Crazy Yiuf (a +2,+4 quarterstaff of chaos)331300:08:502012-03-11 10:40:02
115CentaurHealerElyvilonPractitionerD:1slain by a giant gecko12070:02:192012-03-11 10:30:13
50KoboldWandererSkirmisherD:1slain by a kobold1200:01:062012-03-11 10:25:34
82KoboldWandererFirebugD:1slain by a kobold29100:03:102012-03-11 10:24:16
333Sludge ElfTransmuterChangerD:4slain by an orc (a +1,+0 orcish flail of holy wrath)533120:13:252012-03-11 10:18:39
24Sludge ElfTransmuterInseiD:1slain by a ball python1260:00:292012-03-11 10:04:43

Uniques Slain Agnes, Aizul, Azrael, Blork, Crazy Yiuf, Donald, Dowan, Duvessa, Edmund, Erica, Erolcha, Eustachio, Frances, Frederick, Gastronok, Geryon, Grinder, Grum, Harold, Ijyb, Ilsuiw, Jessica, Joseph, Josephine, Jozef, Kirke, Louise, Mara, Margery, Maud, Maurice, Menkaure, Mennas, Nergalle, Nessos, Nikola, Norris, Pikel, Prince Ribbit, Psyche, Purgy, Roxanne, Rupert, Saint Roka, Sigmund, Snorg, Sonja, Terence, Urug, Wiglaf, Xtahua
Uniques Left Antaeus, Asmodeus, Boris, Cerebov, Dispater, Dissolution, Ereshkigal, Gloorx Vloq, Ignacio, Jory, Khufu, Lom Lobon, Mnoleg, Murray, Polyphemus, Tiamat, the Enchantress, the Lernaean hydra, the Serpent of Hell, the royal jelly

Combo Highscores

TeCj (340425)

Species Highscores


Class Highscores


Score Breakdown

Player points

N Points Source
51 255 unique
20 100 branch_enter
1 100 my_1st_win
10 50 branch_end
2 45 rune:serpentine
1 45 my_low_turncount_win
1 40 my_low_realtime_win
1 30 rune:barnacled
1 30 rune:decaying
1 30 rune:silver
1 22 class_win:Be
2 20 champion
1 19 species_win:Mi
1 15 god_win:trog
1 11 my_highscore_win
1 5 combo_hs:1
96 817 Total

Team points

N Points Source
13 26 ghost
13 26 Total


Permanent points
Provisional points
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