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Clan: None
Tourney points total 613
Tourney team points 0
Games won / played 1 / 1 (100.00%)


1397515MerfolkDeath KnightYredelemnulPhalangite247949312:25:2432012-03-11 23:58:53

Best Games

11397515MerfolkDeath KnightYredelemnulPhalangiteescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!247949312:25:2432012-03-11 23:58:53

Winning Gods:


We say that a game is won using a (non-Xom) god if the player reaches ****** piety with that god without worshipping any other god first; this is not necessarily the same god worshipped at the end of the game. A game is won using Xom only if it is a Chaos Knight who never abandons Xom. A game is won using 'No God' only if the player never worships a god.

Remaining Gods:

Ashenzari, Beogh, Cheibriados, Elyvilon, Fedhas, Jiyva, Kikubaaqudgha, Lugonu, Makhleb, Nemelex Xobeh, No God, Okawaru, Sif Muna, The Shining One, Trog, Vehumet, Xom, Zin

Recent Games

1397515MerfolkDeath KnightYredelemnulPhalangiteescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!247949312:25:2432012-03-11 23:58:53

Uniques Slain Aizul, Azrael, Boris, Donald, Erica, Frances, Frederick, Harold, Ilsuiw, Joseph, Jozef, Kirke, Louise, Mara, Mennas, Nergalle, Norris, Rupert, Saint Roka, Sigmund, Snorg, Wiglaf, Xtahua

Score Breakdown

Player points

N Points Source
23 115 unique
1 100 my_1st_win
1 62 my_low_turncount_win
9 45 branch_enter
1 42 god_win:yredelemnul
8 40 branch_end
1 36 class_win:DK
1 35 species_win:Mf
1 30 rune:barnacled
1 30 rune:decaying
1 30 rune:silver
1 27 my_low_realtime_win
1 11 my_highscore_win
1 10 champion
51 613 Total

Team points

N Points Source
No points


Permanent points
Provisional points
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