Player information for Gilihad

Clan: Eurydice - Gilihad (captain)
Tourney points total 385
Tourney team points 20
Games won / played 0 / 18 (0.00%)

Ongoing Game

Gilihad the Skirmisher (L4 GhWn) killed the ghost of Footloop the Gusty, an average KeAE of Sif Muna. (D:3, turn 2399, dur 00:12:36)


No games

Best Games

1461403GhoulWandererVehumetGelidD:26blasted by a storm dragon (bolt of lightning)267522418:24:452011-05-10 05:28:47
2225574TrollConjurerVehumetConjurerElf:5slain by a deep elf blademaster (a +1,+0 elven sabre)195532615:23:372011-04-26 07:28:13
316634TrollConjurerVehumetGrapplerD:12slain by a red ugly thing111189501:57:472011-04-16 17:42:09
41590TrollConjurerVehumetRuinousD:8slain by Joseph (a +2,+4 quarterstaff of distortion)8554200:54:282011-04-16 15:09:30
5311TrollConjurerRuinousD:3mangled by a gnoll (a +2,+0 whip of electrocution)5241200:26:392011-04-21 16:21:26
6208GhoulWandererSkirmisherSewerslain by a grey rat3160100:09:032011-05-10 05:56:06
7165GhoulWandererSkirmisherD:3slain by Footloop's ghost3186800:10:262011-05-10 06:08:44
885GhoulWandererChillerD:1slain by an ooze133900:02:032011-05-10 06:11:02
974GhoulWandererXomSkirmisherD:1slain by a hobgoblin (a cursed -1,-2 club)250000:04:082011-05-04 05:24:36
1060GhoulWandererSkirmisherD:1rotted away119600:01:002011-05-10 05:58:14

Recent Games

50GhoulWandererSkirmisherD:$safely got out of the dungeon.1100:00:092011-05-10 06:11:18
85GhoulWandererChillerD:1slain by an ooze133900:02:032011-05-10 06:11:02
50GhoulWandererSneakD:$safely got out of the dungeon.1100:00:052011-05-10 06:08:54
165GhoulWandererSkirmisherD:3slain by Footloop's ghost3186800:10:262011-05-10 06:08:44
60GhoulWandererSkirmisherD:1rotted away119600:01:002011-05-10 05:58:14
50GhoulWandererSneakD:$safely got out of the dungeon.1100:00:062011-05-10 05:57:07
208GhoulWandererSkirmisherSewerslain by a grey rat3160100:09:032011-05-10 05:56:06
50GhoulWandererTwirlerD:$safely got out of the dungeon.1100:00:072011-05-10 05:46:58
54GhoulWandererSkirmisherD:1slain by a kobold120100:01:372011-05-10 05:46:47

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Combo Highscores

GhWn (461403)

Species Highscores


Class Highscores


Score Breakdown

Player points

N Points Source
46 230 unique
2 45 rune:barnacled
2 45 rune:decaying
1 30 rune:abyssal
1 30 rune:silver
1 5 combo_hs:1
53 385 Total

Team points

N Points Source
7 14 ghost
1 6 gkill
8 20 Total


Permanent points
Provisional points
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