Player information for Zaelin

Clan: None
Tourney points total 30
Tourney team points 12
Games won / played 0 / 33 (0.00%)


No games

Best Games

12463Hill OrcBerserkerTrogFighterD:8slain by an orc warrior (a +1,+1 orcish trident)958270:39:212011-08-25 02:59:11
21369Hill OrcBerserkerTrogCleaverD:6mangled by an orc warrior (a +0,+0 orcish great mace)845770:30:512011-08-26 11:24:10
3690MerfolkSkaldPokerD:5shot by an imp (arrow of flame)647400:47:382011-08-22 00:44:18
4609Hill OrcFighterCoveredD:6blasted by an orc priest (divine providence)748070:32:432011-08-25 00:59:40
5528High ElfSkaldCharmwrightD:4slain by Edmund (a +0,+0 spiked flail)643280:50:212011-08-21 15:28:38
6525MinotaurDeath KnightYredelemnulSoul TainterD:5slain by an orc warrior (a -1,+0 orcish morningstar)632050:27:042011-08-20 21:41:12
7452MerfolkGladiatorPokerD:4slain by a bat642790:24:432011-08-27 18:18:04
8389MerfolkSkaldPokerD:4demolished by an ogre (a +0,+0 giant club)534890:22:062011-08-23 00:03:44
9359HumanSkaldCharmwrightD:4slain by a worker ant639730:35:552011-08-25 21:15:32
10294MerfolkGladiatorPokerD:4slain by a scorpion538760:17:172011-08-28 06:08:20

Recent Games

27DemonspawnTransmuterInseiD:1slain by a hobgoblin (a +0,+0 club)1740:01:072011-08-28 20:59:41
138MerfolkGladiatorAshenzariPokerD:3slain by an orc wizard (a +1,+1 orcish dagger)322030:09:082011-08-28 20:58:02
48KenkuAir ElementalistGustyD:1slain by a kobold (a +0,+0 whip)26200:04:362011-08-28 06:30:37
20KenkuFire ElementalistFirebugD:1quit the game10:00:592011-08-28 06:25:03
87DemonspawnTransmuterInseiD:2slain by a kobold (a +0,+0 whip)213180:06:112011-08-28 06:21:26
294MerfolkGladiatorPokerD:4slain by a scorpion538760:17:172011-08-28 06:08:20
452MerfolkGladiatorPokerD:4slain by a bat642790:24:432011-08-27 18:18:04
20Deep ElfIce ElementalistChillerD:1quit the game10:00:512011-08-27 17:51:22
1369Hill OrcBerserkerTrogCleaverD:6mangled by an orc warrior (a +0,+0 orcish great mace)845770:30:512011-08-26 11:24:10

Uniques Slain Crazy Yiuf, Grinder, Ijyb, Jessica, Prince Ribbit, Sigmund

Fruit Basket Progress

Fruit Found apple, banana, choko, grape, orange, pear, rambutan, sultana
Fruit Needed apricot, lemon, lychee, snozzcumber, strawberry

Score Breakdown

Player points

N Points Source
6 30 unique
6 30 Total

Team points

N Points Source
4 8 ghost
1 4 gkill
5 12 Total


Permanent points
Provisional points
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