Player information for Ullallulloo

Tourney points total 60
Tourney team points 6
Games won / played 0 / 46 (0.00%)


No games

Best Games

19763OgreFighterTrogBasherLabannihilated by a minotaur (a +0,+0 great mace)11140563:43:002011-08-18 22:23:28
23605MinotaurWandererTrogProtectedD:8mangled by a two-headed ogre (a +0,+0 giant club)989242:37:542011-08-19 19:36:25
31133OgreGladiatorThe Shining OneCudgelerD:6slain by an orc warrior (a +0,+1 orcish battleaxe)854321:49:122011-08-17 23:31:23
4588Mountain DwarfHunterBolt ThrowerD:5slain by an orc (a -1,+0 orcish hand axe)629451:09:392011-08-13 18:40:03
5510TrollWandererOkawaruCudgelerD:5succumbed to a kobold's curare-tipped needle534051:14:472011-08-16 22:54:54
6439KenkuPriestZinPiousD:4blasted by Sigmund (magic dart)637610:43:202011-08-15 20:22:55
7369KenkuMonkElyvilonInseiD:6mangled by a sky beast533491:02:412011-08-13 15:40:25
8325Mountain DwarfEnchanterVexingD:2succumbed to a snake's poison435010:55:292011-08-16 15:07:19
9321OgreGladiatorCudgelerD:4slain by a worker ant537361:44:262011-08-17 16:38:47
10287OgreConjurerRuinousD:4shot by a goblin (stone)540520:43:142011-08-20 03:33:35

Recent Games

217MerfolkFighterFedhasSkirmisherD:3mangled by an ogre (a +0,+0 giant club)433160:34:362011-08-20 15:22:23
287OgreConjurerRuinousD:4shot by a goblin (stone)540520:43:142011-08-20 03:33:35
70OgreConjurerRuinousD:1succumbed to a kobold's poison312650:09:052011-08-20 02:46:49
39OgreConjurerRuinousD:1slain by a hobgoblin (a +0,+0 club)12050:01:492011-08-20 02:37:24
3605MinotaurWandererTrogProtectedD:8mangled by a two-headed ogre (a +0,+0 giant club)989242:37:542011-08-19 19:36:25
9763OgreFighterTrogBasherLabannihilated by a minotaur (a +0,+0 great mace)11140563:43:002011-08-18 22:23:28
62MinotaurWandererCoveredD:$got out of the dungeon alive.1310:03:272011-08-18 16:33:10
173MinotaurWandererSkirmisherD:2slain by a snake312600:22:372011-08-18 16:25:43
122MinotaurWandererSkirmisherD:2demolished by an ogre (a +0,+0 giant spiked club)39380:20:472011-08-18 16:00:14

Uniques Slain Blork, Crazy Yiuf, Edmund, Erica, Erolcha, Grinder, Ijyb, Jessica, Terence

Fruit Basket Progress

Fruit Found apple, apricot, banana, choko, grape, lemon, orange, pear, rambutan, snozzcumber, strawberry, sultana
Fruit Needed lychee

Combo Highscores

OgFi (9763), OgGl (1133), MDSk (275)

Species Highscores


Class Highscores


Score Breakdown

Player points

N Points Source
9 45 unique
1 15 combo_hs:3
10 60 Total

Team points

N Points Source
3 6 ghost
3 6 Total


Permanent points
Provisional points
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