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Tourney points total 140
Tourney team points 28
Games won / played 0 / 112 (0.00%)


No games

Best Games

153408Mountain DwarfChaos KnightXomImpregnableHive:1slain by a killer bee14453145:14:042011-08-20 18:59:40
228139KoboldFighterSpryD:17demolished by Wiglaf (a +4,+1 dwarven war axe of draining)13172491:54:082011-08-17 07:49:36
323300HumanBerserkerTrogTortoiseOrc:4blasted by an ogre mage (crystal spear)13211182:00:302011-08-21 07:27:35
410750Mountain DwarfBerserkerTrogTortoiseD:12slain by a 13-headed hydra11152961:24:202011-08-22 23:57:15
59829Mountain DwarfFighterOkawaruTortoiseLair:4mangled by a blink frog11188451:24:402011-08-23 16:51:14
66150HumanBerserkerTrogProtectedD:9slain by a killer bee11154911:46:072011-08-21 23:43:50
75630Pale DraconianMonkAshenzariMartial ArtistOrc:2demolished by an orc knight (a +0,+1 orcish halberd)10107471:08:332011-08-19 19:53:56
85262HumanBerserkerTrogProtectedD:9slain by a yak10133861:12:462011-08-22 01:13:03
95157DemonspawnConjurerAshenzariRuinousD:11demolished by a hill giant (a cursed +0,+0 giant club)10139691:56:202011-08-14 02:10:55
103770KoboldChaos KnightXomNimbleD:8mangled by an orc warrior (a +0,+0 orcish morningstar) (led by an orc knight)10128071:13:342011-08-19 00:38:33

Recent Games

230DraconianMonkMakhlebRuffianD:3slain by a gnoll (a +0,+0 spear)418280:07:172011-08-24 17:57:08
69HumanBerserkerTrogChopperD:2slain by a snake28060:02:472011-08-24 17:48:58
50Sludge ElfWandererSkirmisherD:1quit the game110:00:382011-08-24 17:46:00
20High ElfSkaldCharmwrightD:1quit the game10:00:082011-08-24 17:45:06
126Deep ElfNecromancerGrave RobberD:2shot by a centaur (arrow)313370:06:292011-08-24 17:43:56
652Mountain DwarfBerserkerTrogCoveredD:4slain by a worm741360:14:162011-08-24 14:52:09
307DemonspawnNecromancerGrave RobberD:4mangled by an ogre (a +0,+0 giant club)545410:16:362011-08-24 13:46:00
20FelidNecromancerGrave RobberD:1quit the game10:00:432011-08-24 13:28:53
282DemonspawnFighterSkirmisherD:3slain by an orc (a +0,+0 orcish mace)427170:09:062011-08-24 13:22:46

Uniques Slain Blork, Crazy Yiuf, Dowan, Duvessa, Edmund, Erolcha, Eustachio, Gastronok, Grinder, Grum, Harold, Ijyb, Jessica, Joseph, Josephine, Jozef, Maurice, Menkaure, Nessos, Pikel, Prince Ribbit, Psyche, Sigmund, Sonja, Terence, Urug

Combo Highscores

MDCK (53408), KoFi (28139)

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Score Breakdown

Player points

N Points Source
26 130 unique
1 10 combo_hs:2
27 140 Total

Team points

N Points Source
14 28 ghost
14 28 Total


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