Player: WNRobin

Overall Stats

Total ScoreGamesWinsWin %Best XLBest ScoreAverage ScoreFirst GameMost Recent Game
4,657,33228510.35%271,428,85116,3412021-12-03 03:26:292022-06-10 10:55:06


11,428,851DsWnPhalangiteescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!96,38703:44:36Gozag32022-02-26 20:39:430.29-a0CBR2

Recent Games

272DsWnCallerD:3slain by Pikel (a +2 whip of flaming)63,23300:25:172022-06-10 10:55:060.29-a0CBR2
70TrWnSkirmisherD:3slain by Grinder41,58400:06:532022-06-09 11:08:480.28.0CBR2
137OgWnSkirmisherD:3blown up by Ijyb51,92300:02:422022-05-19 12:39:050.28.0CBR2
2,010DDWnGeomancerD:7blasted by an orc priest (divine providence)96,59100:33:062022-04-25 12:21:110.28.0CBR2
824MfWnPokerD:5blasted by a steam dragon (ball of steam)75,86000:07:442022-04-23 13:09:460.28.0CBR2
FeWnDuckerD:1quit the game100:00:062022-04-23 13:01:530.28.0CBR2
35MiWnCutterD:1slain by a gnoll (a +0 flail)31,04600:02:032022-04-23 13:01:360.28.0CBR2
598BaWnYredelemnulSkirmisherD:5succumbed to a scorpion's poison74,35000:06:292022-04-23 12:59:230.28.0CBR2
2,662KoWnDithmenosCovertD:7mangled by an ice beast97,97400:22:232022-04-08 15:49:080.28.0CBR2
679VSWnSkirmisherD:5mangled by an ogre (a +0 giant club)72,58000:11:382022-04-08 15:25:520.28.0CBR2
4,848MiWnOkawaruSlingerD:8quit the game106,08000:30:052022-04-08 15:12:170.28.0CAO
242TrWnRuffianD:4splashed by a jelly's acid52,42100:06:032022-04-07 20:35:440.28.0CAO
3,029GrWnQuickloaderD:7slain by an orc warrior (a +0 glaive)97,99700:18:072022-03-27 13:19:260.28.0CBR2
54GrWnSkirmisherD:2slain by a gnoll (a +1 flail of draining)31,04800:02:322022-03-27 13:00:530.28.0CBR2
9OgWnElyvilonConjurerD:1quit the game296200:01:172022-03-27 12:58:090.28.0CBR2

Winning Characters

Ba                           Ba
DD                           DD
DE                           DE
DG                           DG
DS                       1  1DS
Dj                           Dj
Dr                           Dr
Fe                           Fe
Fo                           Fo
Gh                           Gh
Gn                           Gn
Gr                           Gr
HO                           HO
Hu                           Hu
Ko                           Ko
Me                           Me
Mf                           Mf
Mi                           Mi
Mu                           Mu
My                           My
Na                           Na
OP                           OP
Og                           Og
Pa                           Pa
Sp                           Sp
Te                           Te
Tr                           Tr
VS                           VS
Vp                           Vp
                        1  1 

Games Played

Ba                       1  1Ba
DD               1       22  23DD
DE                       2  2DE
DG                       1  1DG
DS                       48  48DS
Dj                       3  3Dj
Dr                       8  8Dr
Fe                       5  5Fe
Fo                       10  10Fo
Gh                       3  3Gh
Gn                       28  28Gn
Gr                       15  15Gr
HO                       26  26HO
Hu                       1  1Hu
Ko           2           3  5Ko
Me                           Me
Mf                       7  7Mf
Mi                       48  48Mi
Mu                       3  3Mu
My                           My
Na                       6  6Na
OP                       9  9OP
Og                       7  7Og
Pa                       1  1Pa
Sp                           Sp
Te                       4  4Te
Tr                       3  3Tr
VS                       18  18VS
Vp                           Vp
            2   1       282  285 

Best Character Levels

Ba                       7  7Ba
DD               5       14  14DD
DE                       5  5DE
DG                       3  3DG
DS                       26  26DS
Dj                       9  9Dj
Dr                       16  16Dr
Fe                       10  10Fe
Fo                       12  12Fo
Gh                       4  4Gh
Gn                       19  19Gn
Gr                       17  17Gr
HO                       10  10HO
Hu                       8  8Hu
Ko           2           9  9Ko
Me                           Me
Mf                       15  15Mf
Mi                       27  27Mi
Mu                       1  1Mu
My                           My
Na                       9  9Na
OP                       11  11OP
Og                       19  19Og
Pa                       5  5Pa
Sp                           Sp
Te                       6  6Te
Tr                       10  10Tr
VS                       14  14VS
Vp                           Vp
            2   5       27  27 

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