Player: meunkin

Overall Stats

Total ScoreGamesWinsWin %Best XLBest ScoreAverage ScoreFirst GameMost Recent Game
57,507,747180126.67%2711,724,461319,4872016-02-01 07:20:412020-01-27 23:14:54


111,724,461MiBeConquerorescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!140,90911:37:30Zin152017-08-11 05:18:210.20.1CBRO
23,353,552FoAKConquerorescaped with the Orb and 6 runes!103,35608:12:11Lugonu62017-08-26 02:06:350.20.1CBRO
33,189,599DsGlPhalangiteescaped with the Orb and 5 runes!73,08705:55:42Makhleb52017-09-07 16:38:180.20.1CBRO
42,643,816HOFiRhythm of Life and Deathescaped with the Orb and 5 runes!103,76406:11:16Uskayaw52017-09-11 03:33:050.20.1CBRO
53,166,176TrHuHeavyweight Championescaped with the Orb and 5 runes!75,18006:12:47Okawaru52017-09-16 19:44:210.20.1CBRO
68,578,489DEFEInfernalistescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!213,53919:22:18Vehumet152017-09-28 03:38:490.20.1CBRO
71,542,674KoCKHopliteescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!92,33006:22:29Xom32017-10-03 05:00:450.20.1CBRO
82,648,171MiBeConquerorescaped with the Orb and 5 runes!97,66506:23:25Trog52019-07-12 04:50:240.23.2CAO
92,508,830DEFEArchmageescaped with the Orb and 5 runes!116,39313:46:47Vehumet52019-08-26 04:54:200.23.2CAO
102,486,965DsGlDemonic Bladeescaped with the Orb and 5 runes!112,31611:16:36Makhleb52019-09-09 03:24:320.23.2CAO
112,850,623TrMoHeavyweight Championescaped with the Orb and 5 runes!88,90808:04:02Wu Jian52019-09-19 22:31:460.23.2CAO
121,826,967CeAMSlayerescaped with the Orb and 4 runes!116,69609:33:24Dithmenos42019-09-25 05:06:010.23.2CAO

Recent Games

741OgHuOkawaruSkirmisherD:6slain by an orc warrior (a +0 hand axe)77,59600:22:242020-01-27 23:14:540.24.0CAO
6OgHuChuckerD:1slain by a jackal116700:01:062020-01-15 05:01:120.24.0CAO
7,847OgHuOkawaruFighterD:9mangled by a vampire1114,49801:11:282020-01-08 06:48:400.24.0CAO
839,135GrEEGozagAnnihilatorZot:5slain by an Orb Guardian27132,21111:13:5552019-11-13 05:52:470.24.0CAO
8DDNeGrave RobberD:2slain by a killer bee zombie231400:03:212019-10-27 04:05:590.24.0CAO
845,116GnWnCheibriadosGnoll AeonPanblasted by Lom Lobon (great icy blast)2797,67509:44:0562019-10-23 06:00:280.23.2CAO
5MfIEChillerD:1slain by a hobgoblin (a +0 spear)125400:00:412019-10-14 04:40:010.23.2CAO
7MfIEChillerD:1slain by a jackal226500:01:132019-10-14 04:39:080.23.2CAO
93,764GnSkFedhasThaumaturgeD:15blasted by a death drake (glowing shapeshifter) (foul vapour)1628,01602:35:452019-10-11 20:45:580.23.2CAO
10,637GnSkUskayawThaumaturgeD:10blasted by a fire giant (fireball)1112,56900:40:142019-10-08 07:03:480.23.2CAO
239,240OgHuOkawaruHawkeyeElf:3blasted by a deep elf annihilator (poison arrow)1952,49104:15:0212019-10-05 20:59:590.23.2CAO
3,147OgHuOkawaruFighterD:8slain by a troll913,05400:50:572019-10-03 03:01:150.23.2CAO
193HaHuSlingerD:2blasted by an orc wizard (puff of flame)62,18400:07:422019-09-30 03:23:160.23.2CAO
818DgWnFirebugD:5splashed by a jelly's acid77,05700:24:192019-09-30 03:14:220.23.2CAO
101,063MfIEJiyvaImpalerSwamp:2slain by an alligator1543,04102:50:0312019-09-29 22:13:480.23.2CAO

Winning Characters

Ba                         Ba
Ce  1                     1Ce
DD                         DD
DE          2             2DE
DG                         DG
DS            2           2DS
Dr                         Dr
Fe                         Fe
Fo 1                      1Fo
Gh                         Gh
Gn                         Gn
Gr                         Gr
HO           1            1HO
Ha                         Ha
Hu                         Hu
Ko      1                 1Ko
Mf                         Mf
Mi     2                  2Mi
Mu                         Mu
Na                         Na
OP                         OP
Og                         Og
Sp                         Sp
Te                         Te
Tr             1 1        2Tr
VS                         VS
Vp                         Vp
  11  21   2121 1        12 

Games Played

Ba                         Ba
Ce  1                     1Ce
DD                1       1DD
DE          22             22DE
DG       2             10  12DG
DS            55           55DS
Dr                         Dr
Fe                         Fe
Fo 4         1            5Fo
Gh                         Gh
Gn                 2   1  3Gn
Gr        10               10Gr
HO           1            1HO
Ha             1        7 8Ha
Hu                1       1Hu
Ko      3                 3Ko
Mf              8         8Mf
Mi     20     6            26Mi
Mu                         Mu
Na                         Na
OP                   1    1OP
Og             12          12Og
Sp                         Sp
Te                  1     1Te
Tr             3 6        9Tr
VS    1                   1VS
Vp                         Vp
  41 1203210 2285516862211 117 180 

Best Character Levels

Ba                         Ba
Ce  27                     27Ce
DD                2       2DD
DE          27             27DE
DG       9             22  22DG
DS            27           27DS
Dr                         Dr
Fe                         Fe
Fo 27         6            27Fo
Gh                         Gh
Gn                 16   27  27Gn
Gr        27               27Gr
HO           27            27HO
Ha             6        11 11Ha
Hu                8       8Hu
Ko      27                 27Ko
Mf              15         15Mf
Mi     27     18            27Mi
Mu                         Mu
Na                         Na
OP                   3    3OP
Og             27          27Og
Sp                         Sp
Te                  11     11Te
Tr             27 27        27Tr
VS    15                   15VS
Vp                         Vp
  2727 152727927 272727271527816113 2711 27 

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