Player: Bowmetheus

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1,312,391,12855415227.44%2714,348,9032,368,9372017-11-27 04:39:332021-04-18 20:46:28

Ongoing Game (cao)

On-going information is from the server only, and may be inaccurate if the player is active on other servers.
DDArCharlatanD:11762021-04-18 20:48:39Active


11,736,338CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 4 runes!141,59220:38:55Okawaru42018-01-08 10:24:040.19.5CAO
25,034,196CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 10 runes!173,63516:29:40the Shining One102018-03-03 08:41:380.19.5CAO
35,818,651MiBeMinotaur Arbalestescaped with the Orb and 10 runes!146,41117:22:36the Shining One102018-04-07 08:37:430.19.5CAO
47,179,692MiBeAxe Maniacescaped with the Orb and 11 runes!132,89413:30:33the Shining One112018-04-15 11:16:360.20.1CAO
510,068,570GrBeSniperescaped with the Orb and 14 runes!146,01016:22:53the Shining One142018-05-20 09:01:280.19.5CAO
66,770,000MiBeSniperescaped with the Orb and 10 runes!116,23713:07:26the Shining One102018-05-22 08:24:000.21.1CAO
79,044,198CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 14 runes!165,35618:37:02the Shining One142018-05-30 08:40:340.21.1CAO
89,378,510MiBeConquerorescaped with the Orb and 14 runes!159,55314:08:03the Shining One142018-06-10 01:36:310.21.1CAO
98,360,720CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 14 runes!185,31916:55:58the Shining One142018-06-22 16:00:020.19.5CAO
108,428,096CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 14 runes!181,45316:36:10the Shining One142018-07-30 12:21:330.21.1CAO
118,651,050CeHuCentaur Arbalestescaped with the Orb and 14 runes!174,45414:13:52Zin142018-08-09 01:08:070.21.1CAO
129,060,471CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 14 runes!165,16715:35:12the Shining One142018-08-25 06:29:310.22.0CAO
1310,721,045MiBeSniperescaped with the Orb and 14 runes!134,46612:21:46the Shining One142018-08-26 18:41:400.22.0CAO
142,383,200CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 5 runes!119,25412:16:05Okawaru52018-08-29 21:17:110.22.0CAO
157,786,087CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 14 runes!198,80422:02:29the Shining One142018-10-03 09:39:320.21.2CAO
161,853,820CeAMSlayerescaped with the Orb and 4 runes!126,12214:12:24Okawaru42018-10-07 01:45:330.22.1CAO
179,971,999MiBeInvulnerableescaped with the Orb and 14 runes!146,73016:45:15the Shining One142018-10-11 01:58:360.22.1CAO
187,462,848CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 14 runes!210,58623:13:46the Shining One142018-10-18 03:33:560.22.1CAO
191,303,769CeAMSlayerescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!166,84121:55:55Okawaru32018-10-27 11:09:030.21.2CAO
201,477,168HOBeExecutionerescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!105,47808:04:39Trog32018-10-28 15:53:390.21.2CAO
211,676,240CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 4 runes!151,30115:58:26the Shining One42018-11-25 16:21:500.22.1CAO
226,215,072CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 11 runes!158,03514:19:30the Shining One112018-12-05 09:17:120.22.1CBRO
231,910,676MiBeSniperescaped with the Orb and 4 runes!108,34910:06:53Trog42018-12-06 18:51:240.22.1CAO
249,349,289CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 14 runes!158,65415:10:36the Shining One142018-12-13 04:20:120.22.1CAO
2511,511,909MiBeSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!143,66012:00:27the Shining One152018-12-21 05:03:060.22.1CAO
2610,448,645GrBeSniperescaped with the Orb and 14 runes!139,36913:53:38the Shining One142019-02-01 11:45:100.22.1CAO
2712,005,336MiBeIntangibleescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!136,49412:27:43the Shining One152019-02-04 05:45:080.22.1CAO
281,911,973CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 4 runes!108,78113:10:33Okawaru42019-02-13 16:52:330.23.0CAO
292,139,516MiBeSniperescaped with the Orb and 4 runes!85,27206:31:42Trog42019-02-14 18:57:490.23.0CAO
301,967,501HOFiSniperescaped with the Orb and 4 runes!100,76310:08:17the Shining One42019-02-16 19:08:020.23.0CAO
318,646,194CeAMMerry Centaurescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!202,05020:28:56the Shining One152019-02-21 18:38:540.23.0CAO
329,473,130CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!181,09714:51:02the Shining One152019-03-01 06:39:160.23.0CAO
331,331,198KoAsNinjaescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!137,32313:27:22Trog32019-03-09 15:55:080.23.1CAO
349,446,081CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!182,02315:45:44the Shining One152019-03-23 08:40:100.23.1CAO
357,089,636CeAMSniperescaped with the Orb and 12 runes!160,57215:33:29the Shining One122019-03-31 02:07:330.23.1CAO
368,006,766CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 14 runes!191,06214:43:56the Shining One142019-04-22 23:46:220.22.2CAO
372,544,452KoAsNinjaescaped with the Orb and 6 runes!160,57916:17:20Trog62019-06-02 20:25:330.22.2CAO
389,015,688CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!191,76815:39:09the Shining One152019-06-13 13:35:090.22.2CAO
3912,172,103MiBeSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!134,33411:24:54the Shining One152019-06-16 22:24:080.22.2CAO
409,101,982CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 14 runes!163,89415:07:17the Shining One142019-06-27 23:01:260.22.2CAO
4112,285,558MiBeSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!132,73112:17:39the Shining One152019-06-29 22:30:000.22.2CAO
426,202,307CeAMMerry Centaurescaped with the Orb and 12 runes!191,33920:43:59the Shining One122019-07-04 08:47:260.22.2CAO
431,646,049OpAsNinjaescaped with the Orb and 4 runes!143,04614:44:03Trog42019-07-11 20:01:070.22.2CAO
4410,368,466CeHuBringer of Lightescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!161,35413:57:26the Shining One152019-07-14 06:27:260.22.2CAO
452,465,784CeAMSlayerescaped with the Orb and 6 runes!172,45516:20:56the Shining One62019-07-20 06:31:460.22.2CAO
469,745,897HOGlBringer of Lightescaped with the Orb and 14 runes!150,36916:19:19the Shining One142019-07-25 22:56:420.22.2CAO
477,481,717MiBeSniperescaped with the Orb and 11 runes!125,25511:05:07the Shining One112019-07-27 04:21:330.22.2CAO
489,079,176HOGlSniperescaped with the Orb and 13 runes!141,24013:35:52the Shining One132019-07-30 09:12:080.22.2CAO
499,781,278CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!173,56915:01:16the Shining One152019-08-04 23:14:390.22.2CAO
5012,000,838MiBeSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!136,30712:50:53the Shining One152019-08-11 22:47:350.22.2CAO
5110,430,901CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!160,99714:37:13the Shining One152019-08-15 06:33:510.22.2CAO
525,129,306DsGlSlayerescaped with the Orb and 10 runes!165,94918:43:44Dithmenos102019-08-19 17:43:560.22.2CAO
531,780,792CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 4 runes!129,47713:07:42Okawaru42019-08-22 19:15:250.23.2CAO
541,404,115DsGlSniperescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!126,84310:11:10Uskayaw32019-09-12 09:28:570.22.2CAO
551,671,965CeAMCrack Shotescaped with the Orb and 4 runes!141,56912:01:52Okawaru42019-09-19 11:49:580.22.2CAO
5610,941,699HOMoBringer of Lightescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!151,69714:11:21the Shining One152019-09-26 00:15:280.23.2CAO
5712,662,319MiBeSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!128,43612:04:34the Shining One152019-10-02 01:33:570.23.2CAO
588,451,186CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 14 runes!180,25217:04:10the Shining One142019-10-08 20:01:490.22.2CAO
5911,985,225HOGlSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!136,16711:36:34the Shining One152019-10-14 21:13:050.22.2CAO
601,798,515OpVMSlayerescaped with the Orb and 4 runes!124,64419:29:01Vehumet42019-10-24 16:52:070.22.2CAO
6111,807,755MiBeSniperescaped with the Orb and 14 runes!120,03611:08:30the Shining One142019-10-27 09:25:160.24.0CAO
621,971,888HOFiEcstaticescaped with the Orb and 4 runes!101,10609:38:21Uskayaw42019-10-30 01:11:060.24.0CAO
631,807,931CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 4 runes!126,27811:44:59Ru42019-11-03 09:14:580.24.0CAO
641,391,288HaVMSlingshotescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!131,11712:26:02Okawaru32019-11-07 07:20:280.24.0CAO
659,753,694GrFiSniperescaped with the Orb and 13 runes!129,39312:25:26the Shining One132019-11-09 06:21:480.24.0CAO
661,636,145CeAMSlayerescaped with the Orb and 4 runes!146,85913:05:56Okawaru42019-11-18 01:47:140.24.0CAO
672,318,358HuAsImperceptibleescaped with the Orb and 5 runes!119,93514:04:03Trog52019-11-23 11:03:140.24.0CAO
6811,462,243OgBeDemon Slayerescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!143,36111:40:37the Shining One152019-11-29 17:02:360.24.0CAO
697,565,759DsFiSniperescaped with the Orb and 12 runes!148,79512:22:57Makhleb122019-12-03 08:43:380.24.0CAO
7010,949,398HOFiSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!151,92412:05:01the Shining One152019-12-14 09:18:230.24.0CAO
7110,353,530CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!162,14814:38:00the Shining One152019-12-17 05:39:490.24.0CAO
7210,920,122MiBeConquerorescaped with the Orb and 14 runes!132,36511:17:35the Shining One142019-12-22 08:10:210.24.0CAO
739,587,375CeAMBringer of Lightescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!178,10616:56:47the Shining One152020-01-12 04:58:530.24.0CAO
7412,615,518MiBeBringer of Lightescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!128,80611:13:23the Shining One152020-01-15 19:24:030.24.0CAO
7511,324,870CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!146,13112:22:22the Shining One152020-01-19 14:33:460.24.0CAO
761,768,082KoAsSlayerescaped with the Orb and 4 runes!121,51113:29:59Trog42020-01-25 20:17:350.24.0CAO
779,436,800CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!182,15212:21:53the Shining One152020-02-03 16:52:260.24.0CAO
7813,623,412MiBeBringer of Lightescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!117,64409:11:10the Shining One152020-02-14 11:59:400.24.0CAO
799,600,914CeAMBringer of Lightescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!177,60915:53:30the Shining One152020-02-18 22:59:230.24.0CAO
807,004,522CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 12 runes!165,07913:30:56the Shining One122020-02-22 23:21:130.24.0CAO
8111,991,488MiAsSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!136,43412:46:24the Shining One152020-02-26 12:05:370.24.0CAO
828,601,621HOFiSniperescaped with the Orb and 12 runes!126,64311:14:10the Shining One122020-03-02 22:07:220.24.0CAO
8312,569,491MiBeInvulnerableescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!129,52511:47:30the Shining One152020-03-06 07:38:150.24.0CAO
8411,297,535CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!146,75512:40:23the Shining One152020-03-09 07:33:500.24.0CAO
853,045,755DsAsSlayerescaped with the Orb and 6 runes!114,77611:43:40Trog62020-03-17 13:30:480.24.0CAO
868,731,831FoFiSlayerescaped with the Orb and 12 runes!124,10310:36:03the Shining One122020-03-20 07:52:270.24.0CAO
878,276,250FoGlSniperescaped with the Orb and 12 runes!132,95811:01:12the Shining One122020-03-23 11:22:040.24.1CAO
8811,678,330MiSkSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!140,59111:23:44the Shining One152020-03-26 18:43:180.24.1CAO
8912,088,195VSWnSlayerescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!135,79514:55:16the Shining One152020-03-31 00:26:010.24.1CAO
9011,788,229KoHuBringer of Lightescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!138,94514:25:51the Shining One152020-04-09 00:37:130.24.1CAO
916,254,788VSBeNinjaescaped with the Orb and 10 runes!127,36115:10:07Trog102020-04-15 02:08:330.24.1CAO
9212,560,489HOBeBringer of Lightescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!129,13611:30:43the Shining One152020-04-19 12:37:570.24.1CAO
9310,260,783KoHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!163,69314:31:45the Shining One152020-04-24 10:28:470.24.1CAO
9412,308,176MiBeBringer of Lightescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!132,72609:41:24the Shining One152020-04-26 16:37:570.24.1CAO
9511,267,735FoFiSniperescaped with the Orb and 14 runes!126,88712:06:22the Shining One142020-04-29 01:05:580.24.1CAO
969,546,342CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!179,29014:52:28the Shining One152020-05-02 19:11:380.24.1CAO
9712,870,291GrBeSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!126,11310:21:51the Shining One152020-05-04 07:54:050.24.1CAO
9812,774,045MiWnSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!126,66811:21:00the Shining One152020-05-11 00:57:450.24.1CAO
997,815,741HOFiSlayerescaped with the Orb and 12 runes!143,24514:38:42Uskayaw122020-05-19 13:37:270.24.1CAO
1007,521,956DDFiExecutionerescaped with the Orb and 11 runes!124,80317:23:56Makhleb112020-05-27 18:16:210.24.1CAO
1013,370,851CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 7 runes!141,55812:15:49the Shining One72020-05-29 09:04:580.24.1CAO
1029,773,196CeAMBringer of Lightescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!173,70917:01:26the Shining One152020-06-04 02:05:120.24.1CAO
10311,163,452MiBeSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!148,16711:38:58the Shining One152020-06-19 05:24:320.25.0CAO
10412,459,472CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!129,96510:59:39the Shining One152020-06-20 23:13:490.25.0CAO
10512,522,706GrFiBringer of Lightescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!129,75711:10:50the Shining One152020-06-22 10:01:080.25.0CAO
1062,182,184DDGlTalismancerescaped with the Orb and 4 runes!84,29810:09:10Makhleb42020-06-23 23:57:410.25.0CAO
1071,625,764HOGlRhythm of Life and Deathescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!79,22006:17:00Uskayaw32020-06-27 22:01:050.25.0CAO
1081,623,707FoWnSniperescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!80,46506:39:00Okawaru32020-06-28 17:26:140.25.0CAO
10911,699,653MiBeSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!140,20910:52:34the Shining One152020-06-29 02:17:340.24.1CAO
1101,579,555MiBeSniperescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!86,72406:09:01Trog32020-07-19 00:33:560.24.1CAO
11111,801,919CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!138,22910:25:16the Shining One152020-07-23 06:00:440.24.1CAO
11213,029,625VSAsNinjaescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!123,68513:38:32the Shining One152020-08-02 18:22:520.24.1CAO
11313,735,435FoFiSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!116,71911:03:06the Shining One152020-08-08 05:52:340.24.1CAO
11411,276,882CeHuBringer of Lightescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!146,22712:16:09the Shining One152020-08-14 05:26:320.24.1CAO
11512,713,790MiFiBringer of Lightescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!127,70511:00:50the Shining One152020-08-18 03:03:030.24.1CAO
11610,121,536CeAMBringer of Lightescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!165,72113:46:59the Shining One152020-08-24 00:07:260.24.1CAO
11711,238,028HOWnSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!147,95910:38:03the Shining One152020-08-31 23:32:220.24.1CAO
11813,790,507FoHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!115,60510:25:15the Shining One152020-09-03 20:02:430.24.1CAO
1195,839,608KoAMSniperescaped with the Orb and 11 runes!172,55416:07:13the Shining One112020-09-14 17:17:160.24.1CAO
1202,085,174MiBeSniperescaped with the Orb and 4 runes!88,90006:52:13Trog42020-09-18 11:04:020.24.1CAO
1211,852,863CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 4 runes!117,67709:08:04Okawaru42020-09-21 05:41:450.24.1CAO
12213,199,249VSAsImperceptibleescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!121,78813:25:04the Shining One152020-09-25 10:21:220.24.1CAO
12311,649,217OgHuSlayerescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!140,71812:56:29the Shining One152020-10-02 08:35:350.24.1CAO
12412,574,709GrBeSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!129,05010:55:09the Shining One152020-10-05 13:41:230.24.1CAO
12511,137,102MfBeBringer of Lightescaped with the Orb and 14 runes!128,62011:08:10the Shining One142020-10-07 17:13:480.24.1CAO
12610,002,259CeHuBringer of Lightescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!169,14312:01:56the Shining One152020-10-13 07:03:500.24.1CAO
1271,714,014MfAsSlayerescaped with the Orb and 4 runes!133,18112:21:40Trog42020-10-15 09:10:370.24.1CAO
12810,718,981MfBeBringer of Lightescaped with the Orb and 14 runes!134,92512:55:00the Shining One142020-10-20 14:20:040.24.1CAO
1292,099,976DDArSniperescaped with the Orb and 4 runes!86,21509:19:56Makhleb42020-10-24 14:48:360.24.1CAO
1306,602,853HOGlSniperescaped with the Orb and 10 runes!119,88409:01:23the Shining One102020-10-30 23:06:500.24.1CAO
13111,177,608MiBeSniperescaped with the Orb and 14 runes!127,83308:42:06the Shining One142020-11-11 05:50:280.24.1CAO
1326,553,949CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 11 runes!147,35610:32:06the Shining One112020-11-24 03:12:380.24.1CAO
13310,715,086MiBeInvulnerableescaped with the Orb and 14 runes!134,51709:24:58the Shining One142020-12-10 19:14:550.24.1CAO
1349,189,326CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!188,31013:15:07the Shining One152021-01-04 04:07:520.24.1CAO
1351,815,647MiHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 4 runes!119,71307:19:15Okawaru42021-01-10 04:11:480.24.1CAO
13610,157,003CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!166,34812:40:56the Shining One152021-02-06 20:29:160.24.1CAO
1372,125,414MiBeSniperescaped with the Orb and 4 runes!92,31607:16:59Trog42021-02-09 22:03:570.24.1CAO
1389,580,935CeAMBringer of Lightescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!178,96714:44:30the Shining One152021-02-22 07:50:310.24.1CAO
1397,533,053DDFiSlayerescaped with the Orb and 10 runes!100,38609:41:42Makhleb102021-02-24 09:26:020.24.1CAO
1408,500,549MiBeSniperescaped with the Orb and 12 runes!128,62112:44:43the Shining One122021-03-02 04:11:080.26-a0CAO
1416,788,658CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 11 runes!142,88111:07:31the Shining One112021-03-06 07:34:450.24.1CAO
14212,316,464MiBeSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!132,67310:18:57the Shining One152021-03-09 06:41:160.24.1CAO
14310,538,249MfGlBringer of Lightescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!159,10413:35:45the Shining One152021-03-13 18:48:190.24.1CAO
14410,974,788MfFiBringer of Lightescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!151,97313:22:04the Shining One152021-03-16 19:16:010.24.1CAO
1451,407,023CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!114,96607:07:25Okawaru32021-03-17 19:26:370.24.1CAO
14614,348,903MiBeSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!110,94709:00:36the Shining One152021-03-22 20:58:350.24.1CAO
14711,333,784CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!145,77811:32:27the Shining One152021-03-25 23:25:260.24.1CAO
1489,872,928CeFiSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!171,82512:23:55the Shining One152021-03-28 05:51:160.24.1CAO
14913,308,014FoFiSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!121,09711:19:00the Shining One152021-03-30 21:38:190.24.1CAO
15012,157,229VSBeImperceptibleescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!134,44914:01:32the Shining One152021-04-06 00:31:370.24.1CAO
15111,740,689CeHuSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!139,16509:48:06the Shining One152021-04-15 10:52:300.24.1CAO
15213,036,405MiBeSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!124,02809:43:45the Shining One152021-04-18 20:46:280.24.1CAO

Streaks of Wins

 WinsStartEndGamesStreak Breaker
172020-06-19 05:24:322020-06-29 02:17:34MiBe, CeHu, GrFi, DDGl, HOGl, FoWn, MiBeVSAs
252020-08-02 18:22:522020-08-24 00:07:26VSAs, FoFi, CeHu, MiFi, CeAMMiAs
352020-10-13 07:03:502020-10-30 23:06:50CeHu, MfAs, MfBe, DDAr, HOGlMiBe
452021-03-22 20:58:352021-04-06 00:31:37MiBe, CeHu, CeFi, FoFi, VSBeDDFi
542019-09-26 00:15:282019-10-14 21:13:05HOMo, MiBe, CeHu, HOGlDsFi
642019-12-22 08:10:212020-01-19 14:33:46MiBe, CeAM, MiBe, CeHuKoAs
742020-05-19 13:37:272020-06-04 02:05:12HOFi, DDFi, CeHu, CeAMMiBe
842021-02-06 20:29:162021-02-24 09:26:02CeHu, MiBe, CeAM, DDFiCeHu
932020-02-18 22:59:232020-02-26 12:05:37CeAM, CeHu, MiAsCeHu
1032020-04-24 10:28:472020-04-29 01:05:58KoHu, MiBe, FoFiCeHu

Recent Games

13,036,405MiBethe Shining OneSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!27124,02809:43:45152021-04-18 20:46:280.24.1CAO
11,740,689CeHuthe Shining OneSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!27139,16509:48:06152021-04-15 10:52:300.24.1CAO
4,481CeHuOkawaruQuickloaderD:9succumbed to a hornet's poison1010,85600:44:252021-04-11 04:36:320.24.1CAO
920,888CeHuthe Shining OneSniperPanblasted by a daeva (divine providence)27128,33409:34:5952021-04-11 03:37:370.24.1CAO
909,554DDFiMakhlebHoplitePanslain by a Hell Sentinel2791,34509:02:0672021-04-08 01:27:310.24.1CAO
12,157,229VSBethe Shining OneImperceptibleescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!27134,44914:01:32152021-04-06 00:31:370.24.1CAO
13,308,014FoFithe Shining OneSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!27121,09711:19:00152021-03-30 21:38:190.24.1CAO
9,872,928CeFithe Shining OneSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!27171,82512:23:55152021-03-28 05:51:160.24.1CAO
11,333,784CeHuthe Shining OneSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!27145,77811:32:27152021-03-25 23:25:260.24.1CAO
14,348,903MiBethe Shining OneSniperescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!27110,94709:00:36152021-03-22 20:58:350.24.1CAO
609,346MiBeTrogSniperZot:5mangled by an Orb Guardian2687,61306:40:3232021-03-21 06:27:410.24.1CAO
746,879MiBethe Shining OneSniperAbyss:3blasted by a lich (crystal spear)2793,60706:22:0642021-03-18 19:48:160.24.1CAO
1,183MiBeTrogCleaverAbyss:1blasted by a wretched star (orb of energy)86,34300:28:352021-03-17 19:55:440.24.1CAO
1,407,023CeHuOkawaruSniperescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!27114,96607:07:2532021-03-17 19:26:370.24.1CAO
10,974,788MfFithe Shining OneBringer of Lightescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!27151,97313:22:04152021-03-16 19:16:010.24.1CAO

Winning Characters

Ba                          Ba
Ce*  13         1 44          58Ce*
DD   1        21           4DD
DE                          DE
DG                          DG
DS    1       12           4DS
Dr                          Dr
Fe                          Fe
Fo            411       1  7Fo
Gh                          Gh
Gn                          Gn
Gr     4      2            6Gr
HO     2      55  1     1  14HO
Ha                     1   1Ha
Hu    1                    1Hu
Ko  1 3         2          6Ko
Mf    12      11           5Mf
Mi    132      1 1   1   1  37Mi
Mu                          Mu
Na                          Na
OP    1                1   2OP
Og     1        1          2Og
Pa                          Pa
Sp                          Sp
Te                          Te
Tr                          Tr
VS    22                1  5VS
Vp                          Vp
   1411043      171049 1 1  24  152 

Games Played

Ba                          Ba
Ce*  51         1 171          223Ce*
DD   1        31           5DD
DE                          DE
DG                          DG
DS 2  4       414           24DS
Dr                          Dr
Fe                          Fe
Fo            836       1  18Fo
Gh                          Gh
Gn                          Gn
Gr     16      2            18Gr
HO     6      1611  4     7  44HO
Ha                     2   2Ha
Hu    2                    2Hu
Ko  6 34         17          57Ko
Mf    12      63           12Mf
Mi    272      2 1   4   1  82Mi
Mu                          Mu
Na                          Na
OP    13                1  1327OP
Og     1        7          8Og
Pa                          Pa
Sp    3     2              5Sp
Te                          Te
Tr                          Tr
VS    215                1  27VS
Vp                          Vp
  257180102    2 4232202 4 4  310 13554 

Best Character Levels

Ba                          Ba
Ce*  27         27 27          27Ce*
DD   27        2727           27DD
DE                          DE
DG                          DG
DS 13  27       2727           27DS
Dr                          Dr
Fe                          Fe
Fo            272727       27  27Fo
Gh                          Gh
Gn                          Gn
Gr     27      27            27Gr
HO     27      2727  27     27  27HO
Ha                     27   27Ha
Hu    27                    27Hu
Ko  27 27         27          27Ko
Mf    2727      2727           27Mf
Mi    2727      27 27   27   27  27Mi
Mu                          Mu
Na                          Na
OP    27                27  2727OP
Og     27        27          27Og
Pa                          Pa
Sp    16     20              20Sp
Te                          Te
Tr                          Tr
VS    2727                27  27VS
Vp                          Vp
  1327272727    20 272727 27 27  2727 2727 

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